Ryggfonn 2021-04-11


Foredrag (på engelsk) ved Peter Gauer (NGI)

Tid: torsdag 18. november 2021, kl. 17:00
Sted: Aud. 1, Geologibygningen, Sem Sælands vei 1, Blindern, Oslo. 

Om foredraget: 
On April 11, 2021 an avalanche with an initial size of around 14000 m3 (3.3 106 kg) was artificially released. An estimated additional mass of 4.5 106 kg was entrained by the avalanche along the track. After approximately 50 s the avalanche reached the catching dam in the runout zone, making the avalanche one of the fastest to be observed at the test site. The avalanche may be classified as a relative size R4

We present some preliminarily results gained during this event and results from previous experiments. We try to link these results to more recent theoretical work and we discuss implications to hazard mapping procedures. The presentation is based on work by Peter Gauer, Henrik Langeland, Krister Kristensen and Sean Salazar.