v/Reginald Hermanns (NGU)

Foto: Raymond Eilertsen

Cosmogenic irradiation give us more than beautiful northern lights in winter time. This is because the charged particles of the cosmic irradiation do not only interact with the Earth atmosphere but also interacts with solid matter on the ground, producing nuclides that normally do not occur on Earth. These nuclides are in geomorphology often used to study the exposure duration, burial history and erosion history on the earth surface. In this talk I will show, 1) how these nuclides were used to date landslide deposits in different mountain environments but also 2) how they can be used to study rockslides in time. Both methods where applied at the unstable rock slope Mannen in Romsdalen, Møre og Romsdal, and helped to decipher an exciting post glacial history of this mountain.

Foredraget vil holdes på engelsk.

Tid: Onsdag 17. mars 2021, kl 17:00

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